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Life Change

Posted on April 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (2)

I have to say, essential oils changed our lives. Not only in using them and experiencing the incredible results in supporting our familys health. But, also it led us to be hungry for a healthier lifestyle. The more passionate we became about sharing our knowledge on the oils, we also became hungry to research and learn more about natural options on healthcare. It just blew our minds as we became more intense on how whole raw natural foods can boost your health in every single way possible. We live it every day. Life has become brighter, clearer, filled with great opportunities. We have met so many kindred spirits along the way, who have blessed our lives and hopefully we have blessed theirs.

We used to have a successful active cake business. That is what i know. That is what our passion has been since before Rick and I met. He is a career bake, and I a career cake decorator. And now.... I cant even stand the thought of sharing "sugar" with anyone. It is so terrible for us. It wreaks havoc on our immune system. After 30 years of doing this as a business, we chose LIFE. We choose sharing better health through nutrition and essential oils with others so they can have the "Life Change" that we are enjoying.

Are you ready to live again?

Allergies and Essential Oils

Posted on April 13, 2016 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Since I was an infant, i suffered from allergies. Allergies to everything. In fact, when older and tested, the doctor told my mother i had tested positive to everything except 3 things. We did years of allergy shots, over the counter meds, but in the spring and the summer would still suffer and then inevitably would turn into a sinus infection. WHICH in turn would require a dr visit and antibiotics.

My story:

Over 2 years ago my friend gave me a beginners pack of 3 essential oils for my birthday as a gift. It contained Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon Essential oils.She did not tell me what to do with them, and I had no idea what to do with them. I thought to myself, " Well, i enjoy the smell of lavender", so i started putting some on my pillow each night, and i would wear it behind my ears and wrist as perfume. It was enjoyable, and as far as i knew it was a nice little gift. Hubby and I always added a slice of lemon to our water, so i thought," Ill add a couple drops of the lemon oil to my water instead of the slice of lemon" It was refreshing and i was Using my gift. Peppermint i just put a drop on my palm and smelled. Wasnt sure at that point what to do with it.

That was in November. Fast foreward to Spring. Horrible allergy season my friends were suffering. I kept waiting for my seasonal suffering to begin, but it did not show its ugly head. Even as i was gardening and i started to feel a twinge of symptoms, i turned to a drop of lavender and peppermint beneath my nose, and it was so effective in relieving any discomfort. It was not long aftr that i was starting to realize the support it was giving me in other areas physically AND emotionally. It was then the passion began. And it is why Rick and i choose to live the rest of our lives sharing our story and helping others become passionate as well.

Have you tried essential oils?